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Our Offerings

Concept Development

Planning for success is the key for any project, so we greatly value pre-production. Good planning results in a smooth, creative and high-quality production.

Interviews & Film Crew

From the creative director to experienced filmmaker, technical crew to skilled craftsmen, our professional team will bring your communications into new horizons.


We offer full services, covering lead up promotion, on the day live streaming and post event highlight videos. Allowing your event to stand out.


We specialize in the infographics and technique of creating high end commercial production for all styles of animation.

Insight Reports

Using infographics, VO and visuals, we can explain new concepts or research insight. Exciting your stakeholders and bringing concepts to life.


Using actors to produce mini films for training videos, product promotion,s corporate videos and short promotional videos

Our team

Our team is ready to handle any challenges and unique opportunities that come their way. We know how important it is to have amazing, visually enticing and very creative videos that you will enjoy all the time.

Stephen Cheung

Being half English and half Chinese, Stephen has an international perspective, able to handle requirements from both our international and local clients. Having experience working for major advertising agencies, Stephen can help transform our message into an impactful creative concept.

Michael Lee

An award winning director, Michael is leads productions at Vivacity. He has an eye for details and is great at getting the best performance out of the talent. Michael believes that in order to keep growing, you must have your eyes open constantly learn new skill.


With over 10 years’ experience in video produce, Hari’s knowledge on post production is second to none. He is eager to learn, often suggest treatment and effects which go beyond the clients expectations.


New join the team, Circle comes from a background of graphics design, and she is knowledgeable when it comes to animations. Her slick graphics give Vivacity’s videos a polished look which stand out from the crowd. Being interested in Chinese typography, Circle has also spent part of her education studying design in Taiwan.


With a great sense of music and transitions, Wesley’s videos have an quick upbeat past, keeping the viewer engaged throughout. He is also knowledgeable on the productions slide, including cameraman work and being a drone pilot, making his a very useful all rounded member of the team.

May May

MayMay comes from a background in beauty and skin care. She has a great sense for editing stories ,both for micro films and interviews.



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